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Mohamed Ibrahim Ibrahim Srour

Basic information

Name : Mohamed Ibrahim Ibrahim Srour
Title: Lecturer
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Personal Info: Mohamed Srour, is a Lecturer of accounting, Faculty of Commerce and Business administration,Future University in Egypt. Ph.D. in Accounting (2011), joint supervision, Tanta University (Egypt) and University of North Texas (USA) – Dr. Shawky Khater award for the best thesis in cost and management accounting for the academic year 2011/2012. Dr. Mohamed Srour is the President of Board of Directors in Delta Area, Egyptian Tennis Federation (2021-2024), Member of (IMA), USA, and Director of Training Committee at FCBA. His Research Interests concentrate on Lean Accounting, Cost Management, TD-ABC, IFRS, Business Combination, and Budgeting. View More...


Certificate Major University Year
PhD Management Accounting Tanta University - Faculty of Commerce 2011
Masters Accounting Tanta University - Faculty of Commerce 2004
Bachelor Accounting Tanta University - Faculty of Commerce 1994

Researches /Publications

The Effect of Benchmarking on Rationalize Decisions in Egyptian: A field study

Mohamed Ibrahim Ibrahim Srour


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Integrated Building Information Modeling (BIM) System for Multi-dimensional Framework Application on Marine Projects

Mohamed Ibrahim Ibrahim Srour

Mohamed Khalil, Mohamed Mohamedien, Hassan Ibrahim


Marine industry has a great impact on the GDP in all countries. Marine projects demand a special construction technology. It contains structures like jetties, berths, dry dock, wharves, slipway, ship lift, navigational aids, offshore yard, shore protection works and dedicated foundation works in or near sea. Egypt, e.g., having 3000 Km of marines along Red sea, Mediterranean Sea and Suez Canal In addition, the strategic location of Egypt could pave the way to a more promising marine works in the near future. Management of marine projects is confronted with many challenges due varied relations between numerous stakeholders and it is adversely affected by whole industry problems especially in the public sector. It is mainly due to various managerial problems that public sector is facing compared with private sector. Waste, claims, rework and low productivity are extreme examples of managerial problems. This paper is aiming to investigate factors that impact the efficiency of marine project management process. It also aims to support interoperability by developing integrated information system to close information gabs. To achieve these objectives data collection model was designed to gather data from projects constructed in the last decade. To validate data collection model it should be tested on a small scale project. Seven marine projects are selected for this purpose. The analysis indicated that factors that have impact on the management process including: insufficient site investigation data, change orders, security precautions, bad climate conditions, uneconomic design, poor supply, low consideration given for health and safety and finally inadequate planning. Building information modeling (BIM) offers the solution for those problems through various features like; 3D-modeling, clash detection, schedule and cost estimation…. etc. which could strongly enhance project parties for achieving better benefits and narrow information gabs.

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